Seasonal Apps Vs. Evergreen Apps


Which type of apps categories is the best?

– Festival / Holiday seasons
– Happen only once a year
– Spike Graph & Income
– No. of downloads increase during that seasons / events
Example: Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, & etc.

– Content that people always search for
– Constant Trend graph – Evergreen topic
– Everyday got people downloads
– Constant downloads of apps – Stable Income
Example: Educational / Informative Apps, lifestyle apps, health & fitness apps

So, which one are the best for indie apps developer?

The answer is both. If you are focusing on making extra income through your apps fast and increase the no. of downloads, then you need to focus both seasonal and evergreen types of apps. But always be sure your target audience should be worldwide- your contents must be universal. As an indie apps developers, if you want to make money, the app should not be targeted towards one country only. Expand your maket worldwide! Good luck and All the best! 🙂