Where to get Free Images?

Extra Tips:

Where to get free /royalty free images?

Below is some of the best website you can use to get free image / royalty free photos to be use in your app developments.

1. Pexels.com (https://pexels.com)

2. Pixabay.com (https://pixabay.com)

3. Freepik (https://www.freepik.com)

4. Yo Price Ville (https://gallery.yopriceville.com)

5. Clipart (https://clipartpng.com)

Easy Editing Website especially designing Cards / quotes for your apps:

Canva (https://www.canva.com)

– There’s a lot of free & paid templates to choose from. Sign up for free. – The best part of using this canva, you can save your design and edit later, or you can continue edit your design using only your smartphone (downloads Canva app on Google Play Store).
Hope this information helps you a lot in terms of getting great images and free for commercial use.

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